ASME Certified Facility

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) is an internationally renowned institution that has been establishing quality and safety codes for nearly 100 years.

As an accredited ASME shop, MESSCO follows these rules, assuring our products, services and quality comply with a set of laws governing the design, fabrication, and inspection process of the latest boiler and pressure vessel codes.

As one of the 4500 companies in more than 65 countries possessing such accreditation, MESSCO is certified in three distinct stamps, the ASME U Stamp, as well as the National Board’s NB mark and R Stamp. ASME and National Board Code Symbol Stamps are regarded as the hallmark of acceptance and certification.

Customers, who use MESSCO’s products, have confidence they have conformed to the highest quality and safety standards.

ASME stamp logos
Image of a high quality weld

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