FGR Bradenhead Unit

MESSCO has developed a system combining pressure management and fugitive gas destruction to safely eliminate methane emissions, while maintaining Bradenhead pressure within COGCC limits. This ensures operators remain compliant with COGCC Rule 207.b concerning Bradenhead emissions.

A comprehensive evaluation process is performed to provide a customized abatement solution. Our first step is to conduct a baseline Bradenhead audit for a pad or an individual well. Based on these results, we provide a customized abatement plan using MESSCO’s patented Bradenhead management technology to fit our customer’s economic and environmental objectives.

Major Highlights:
• Portable, individual well solution
• High flow & multi-well applications
• Standalone unit operating off wellhead pilot gas, not requiring an independent power source
• Ideal results for remote or problematic single wells requiring dedicated management
• Fully automated with remote monitoring option available
• Complete fugitive gas (Bradenhead) combustion
• Low cost option with ongoing service agreement
• Flow capacities from 1.5scfh – 48scfh
• Integrated fluid knockout
• Class 1, Div 1 rated