Flare Gas Capture

MESSCO’s patented NGL Pro removes NGLs and conditions high BTU field gas to a clean, dry, consistent fuel for well site power, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquified natural gas (LNG). The North Dakota proven units have produced over 1 million gallons of NGL. The skid mounted units install in a few days with minimal site preparation. They can be supplied in arctic style enclosures that meet all oil field requirements for Hazardous Area classification or “west Texas” style open units.

The NGL Pro units come in 1.5 MMCFD and 3 MMCFD capacity and units can be operated in parallel for well pads with 6 to 15+ MMCFD of associated gas. NGL Pro units have proven more reliable than other competing MRU and JT units and don’t require methanol for hydrate control. All units have remote monitoring so MESSCO and clients can remotely track key operating parameters as well as NGL and condensate production.

NGL Pro is designed to process high BTU associated gas of 1400 to 2000 BTU with the NGLs and condensate sales often offsetting operation costs. By removing the heavier gas components, the units reduce VOC emissions by over 87%. Send us your gas analysis and we will provide you a NGL Pro Model/Simulation that will detail your recoveries or call us at
(307) 382-2926.