MESSCO’s fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles includes all modern equipment necessary to install our products efficiently and safely at any location our client requests. When the installation is performed by our trained professionals and a maintenance agreement is purchased, we will double the new product manufacturer’s warranty period.

MESSCO provides installation services for all products they manufacture.



Although all MESSCO products are built to the highest standards, we know that to ensure optimum performance, achieve maximum product life, and incur lowest long-term product cost, it is critical to have the equipment properly inspected and regularly maintained. That is why MESSCO offers a manufacturer’s maintenance program.


In fact, we double our standard warranty period when the installation is performed by one of our trained professionals and a maintenance agreement is purchased.

MESSCO’s expertise is not limited to providing maintenance on only our own equipment, but we are proud to offer a variety of maintenance services for other manufacturers’ equipment as well. Please contact us with any of your equipment maintenance needs.


Despite the durability of our products, MESSCO recommends regular inspections to ensure equipment is running optimally. Inspections are included in our maintenance programs and can also be purchased as a standalone service. MESSCO follows a strict 60 point inspection process that our trained, certified inspectors perform in the field. Inspections often catch problems early enough to avoid costly equipment repairs and loss of production.


Trained inspectors are available to complete a 60 point inspection process on a variety of equipment once it is in service in the field.


MESSCO offers a standard one-year product warranty against substandard workmanship and material defects. Because all MESSCO products go through rigorous testing and quality control processes we experience very few quality related issues. In the case of a quality issue, we gladly and promptly resolve any problems.



MESSCO has instituted a refurbishment program that can be used to restore older equipment to like-new condition. Refurbished products can then be reinstalled and may prove to be more cost-effective than purchasing new equipment.

Our engineering and technician personnel have the expertise to rebuild, repair and re-certify equipment, even if it was originally built by another manfacturer. This program allows the client to get maximum value from the equipment and greatest return on investment from the gas well, while at the same time utilizing the most environmentally friendly solution… recycling, rebuilding and reusing this equipment.

refurbishment_lrg20 mil dehy brought to our facility for refurbishment

Field Services

For on-site maintenance and repairs, MESSCO possesses its own field services division. We are equipped to perform a wide variety of field work with our fleet of heavy equipment, tooled trucks and crane capabilities.

Our well-trained, experienced staff are ready to fulfill our customers’ needs. We can provide personnel such as pipe and structural welders, technicians, and heavy equipment operators, all under the direction of a supervisor.


A sampling of the field services we are ready to perform include:

  • Equipment installation
  • Dehy cleaning and maintenance
  • Pipeline repair
  • Firetube repair
  • Welding on drilling rigs and support equipment
  • MSHA certified welders to weld at mine locations

MESSCO has instituted a refurbishment program that can be used to restore older equipment to like-new condition. Refurbished products can then be reinstalled and may prove to be more cost-effective than purchasing new equipment.


MESSCO has its own fleet of heavy vehicles to transport equipment or material to the customer job site. Transportation will often be coordinated with our field or installation services ensuring simultaneous performance, resulting in the most efficient project completion.

Our fleet of field vehicles enable us to provide reliable, top-quality service and installation.



MESSCO can also integrate 24-hour monitoring, logging, and maintenance through our product automation. We are able to monitor equipment, dispatch maintenance and repair crews, and provide logging of equipment function. Our monitoring services combined with maintenance programs are the best way to ensure proper equipment function and issue resolution.


Automation and monitoring systems, as components to our products, provide valuable information regarding proper equipment function and issue resolution.


We specialize in providing our clients with process engineering services including: process design and simulation; de-bottleneck and expansion projects; and unit optimization and troubleshooting.

Our on-staff engineering team utilizes the latest design and modeling software to offer custom-manufactured equipment. All equipment comes with digital drawings and design calculations. These capabilities, coupled with our standard patented equipment, allow MESSCO to offer the latest technology and equipment with size specifications ranging from the wellhead to the plant.


Custom Fabrication

We are a customer driven organization that personally understands and focuses on our clients’ needs and business objectives. Our shop is set up for short production runs, so we are especially suited for customized projects and prototyping.

Our skilled craftsmen in partnership with our engineering team are here to meet virtually any fabrication need.


Custom projects can be anything from minor changes to an existing product to a completely new product or design. Our available floor space, combined with our many certifications and endorsements, create a facility that is able to meet almost any fabrication need.

Typically, custom fabrication projects are negotiated as either a fixed bid or on a time and material basis. We partner with our clients throughout the design and fabrication process to customize solutions that uniquely meet their needs.