The reasons for this mixed success vary. Some companies lacked combustion experience when trying to design their own systems and some combustion companies did not fully understand the variables that determine the regeneration vent stream characteristics. Failures have occurred because of problems such as: flare system unreliability, the unit smoking, incomplete record keeping, improper testing methods, and by improper operation and maintenance of the dehydration and flare equipment. The issue has also been compounded by insufficient operator training, operator work load, and the availability of experienced field service companies at these remote sites.

With the design of our patented VOCinerator™, we have found a solution to the emissions control issues plaguing the energy industry. Our emissions destruction device is designed to handle all the variables encountered in today’s well head production activities such as plunger lifts, compression, gas composition, emission composition, glycol regenerator fuel being turned on or off, glycol circulation rates, off-spec gas and carryover, etc. Our VOCinerator™ is designed to be used in applications that are site-specific.

PRODUCTS-pageIMG_8374_lrgThe VOCinerator is a solution to the emissions control issues plaguing the energy industry.

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