Founded just over a decade ago, starting with a couple of service trucks and a crew of three employees, MESSCO has had explosive growth over the last 10 years. The answer for thriving in the competitive and often controversial oil and natural gas industry… innovation.

Initially MESSCO found its niche maintaining equipment. Eventually the company started to fabricate the equipment used for dehydration of natural gas. Harmful emissions are created during this necessary process, so MESSCO became proactive in an effort to unite energy and the environment. In this endeavor, an emissions control device was designed and patented that consistently exceeds regulatory air quality standards.

MESSCO conducted actual field tests in a live environment on the patented VOCinerator™ with an astonishing 99.9% destruction of BTEX and VOC emissions. Currently the VOCinerator™ is used for well site emissions such as those from tanks, combo units, and dehydration units. It promises a revolutionary, scalable approach to emissions control that can be expanded to other applications. MESSCO’s vision is to provide products and solutions for their clients’ needs, while protecting the environment.